Why Choose AN Endodontist?

What Is An Endodontist?

An Endodontist is a dentist who has undergone a minimum of two years of extra post-graduate training after dental school. Endodontists are specifically trained to diagnose facial and dental pain as well as treat diseases of the dental pulp and supporting structures. Treatment can be accomplished non-surgically (a conventional root canal) or through microsurgery (apicoectomy) when indicated. Your general dentist sometimes refers patients for consultation when the diagnosis is complicated or when treatment is more difficult than normal. We will work with your dentist to achieve the best possible outcome.

Dr. Alonso is one of Miami’s few Board Certified Endodontist

Doctor Alonso is one of a small group of endodontists that are board certified. Less than 25% of all practicing Endodontists in the United States are board certified. In Miami-Dade County it is less than 10%.

The American Board of Endodontics is the only certifying board for the specialty of endodontics and is recognized by the American Dental Association.

To become a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics a candidate has to demonstrate diagnostic skill, clinical proficiency, and professional judgment of a level that promotes the highest quality of care for patients. They have taken an examination administered by a panel of expert endodontists and have demonstrated an exemplary level of knowledge, understanding, and clinical expertise in endodontics. Passing the endodontic Board examination, however, is a difficult process that takes several years to complete. First, there is a written examination. If this examination is passed, a comprehensive case portfolio must be developed. These cases must be of great difficulty, done masterfully, and have at least a one year follow-up. This takes many years to complete. These cases are then judged. If they are accepted, then an oral examination is taken before members of the Board, which are expert endodontists. If that is also successfully completed, then you are awarded Board status.

What is the Value of Board Certification

To achieve Diplomate status, like Doctor Alonso, an endodontist has shown great inner motivation and exceptional commitment to continuing professional growth. In order to maintain board certified status, Diplomates must be recertified every 10 years with many hours of continuing education. A Board-Certified endodontist understands the importance of:

  • Achieving the highest level of knowledge and skill possible
  • Continually pursuing new knowledge and experience
  • Fully understanding and applying new research and advances to the practice of endodontics
  • The highest possible quality of care for the patient

Reasons to Choose an Endodontist

Reason 1: Experience

On average, endodontists perform nearly 25 root canal treatments a week, while general dentists perform less than two. Dr. Anthony Alonso has been a Dentist since 2003 and and Endodontist since 2005.

Reason 2: Efficiency

Because they limit their practice solely to endodontic treatment, endodontists are efficient and precise. This equates to positive experiences and faster healing.  

Reason 3: Availability

Most endodontists offer tremendous flexibility in accommodating emergency cases, so delays in treatment are kept to a minimum and patients can be relieved of dental pain quickly. We are experts in managing tooth emergencies and pain. 

Reason 4: Advanced Technology

Many Endodontists use state-of-the-art technology and specialized equipment to address complicated treatment.  This includes operating microscopes ( in our case, the top of the line Zeiss PROergo), Cone Beam CT (3D Technology), digital imaging, ultrasonic instrumentation and fiber optics, to treat their patients quickly and comfortably.

Today, getting root canal treatment is often no more uncomfortable than having a filling.