Advanced Technology

The advanced technology used by Dr. Anthony Alonso Jr. at Endodontix Dental Group facilitates precise diagnosis and treatment plans, which results in a more predictable and effective treatment for you. 

Zeiss Pro Ergo Surgical Operating Microscopes

Dr. Alonso uses microscopes during all phases of your endodontic treatment. Dr. Alonso uses the Zeiss Pro Ergo microscope, which is the top of the line dental surgical microscope available. This allows him to view your tooth with high magnification and fiber optic LED illumination. He is able to see small details such as previously missed canals, calcified canals, broken instruments and fractures.

Apex Locators

When doing a root canal Dr. Alonso needs to get to the apex of each canal efficiently and accurately. This technology allows him to do just that.

Electronic Medical Records

Our office is completely paperless. All of your information is entered into our system and then shredded with the utmost privacy that surpasses HIPAA Compliance. Additionally it allows for a more seamless flow of communication between our patients and Dr. Alonso or staff.

Rotary Instruments

Rotary files allow Dr. Alonso to clean and shape each canal with precision. Additionally files are used once to minimize the chance of file separation.

Cone Beam CT (CBCT)

The CS 9000 3D System’s focused field of view limits radiation to a specific region of interest, so our patients are exposed to the lowest possible radiation dose. It also provides an unprecedented level of detail, that allows Dr. Alonso to confidently diagnose his patients. It allows three-dimensional visualization of teeth, bone, sinuses and surrounding structures with minimal radiation to the patient, enabling a level of anatomical accuracy and patient care not possible with 2-D dental radiographs. With Dr. Alonso having been an early adopter and experienced in the use of cone-beam CT technology, our practice is committed to provide the highest level of dental care possible.

Digital X-Rays

All x-rays are taken with digital sensors, proving instant viewing on our computer monitors while significantly reducing radiation levels compared to film-based x-rays. This technology also allows for secure electronic transfer of dental imaging to your general dentist.

ASI Carts

Everything Dr. Alonso needs is right within reach. It allows multiple instruments to be integrated into one system with operation from only one foot control. These systems have closed water reservoirs that are filled with distilled water for advanced hygiene. They also contain ultrasonic hand pieces which help in the extraction of broken files in the tooth or opening of calcified canals.

Our carts are also equipped with a multiple irrigation system, used for removal of bacteria and infection inside your tooth. Lastly they contain our obturation units, which allows Dr. Alonso to fit the filling material known as Gutta Percha perfectly into each canal. This is done to ensure the tooth is perfectly sealed off from the ends of the tooth.

Intraoral Camera

The CS 1500 Intraoral Camera generates images of remarkable sharpness and clarity. High-resolution dental digital photography images are easily shared with patients—so you see what we see.