After Apicoectomy Microsurgery

On the first day…

  • Avoid strenuous activities or any unnecessary lifting for 24 hours. Take it easy. Should you decide to lay down, protect your pillow case from any oozing with an old towel.

  • Fill any prescriptions on your way home and take them as directed.

  • Apply an ice bag to the face over the surgical site, alternating every ten to twenty minutes Continue this for six hours. This will minimize swelling and discoloration. Do not use ice after the first day.

  • Eat soft foods for the first 24 hours after surgery. The idea is to avoid food that could possibly disrupt the healing soft tissue near the surgical site.

  • Avoid  Crunchy foods, alcohol, carbonated beverages, acidic beverages, and smoking.

  • You should brush your teeth in the treated area, but be careful not to disrupt the surgical site for at least 24 hours. Avoid toothpaste near the surgical site for 24 hours. Do not aggressively rinse your mouth or use a water irrigation (water pik) device after surgery.